Shoulder Pressing Implements!


Coach Carlo Coaching the Deadlifts.

This is what makes Coach Carlo different. Listen to the passion he has for his craft! Sorry for the language but he didn't know he was being recorded. Yea... Like that would have stopped him.

Using the Transformer Bar to increase Deadlifts

I have tried this in the past with other bars. A quick explanation. Doing box squats with the bands causes you to move faster than gravity on the eccentric. This allows you to use the kinetic energy to increase your reversal strength (yes there is more to it than that).  Banding on the deads can not give you the same effect. But with the Transformer bar, you can set the bar to mimic your posture (no not exactly) on the deadlifts and set the box to where you start your pull. I LOVE THIS BAR!!!

The Evolution!

Took out the isometric pull. Replaced it with Banded pulls on the PR Platform. Then add an Isometric hold at the knees after the banded Transformer Bar box squats.

Too Cute for words

You are never to young to start!

Mr. Robert Freer!

This video was shot at our old location. And it's a good thing for Robert, since the turf at our current Strength and Conditioning Facility is twice as long!

Colton StClair on the Pit Shark