John Carlo: Head Coach, Director of Strength and Conditioning


Coach John Carlo is the founder and co-owner of Performance inc. Coach Carlo has been involved in the fitness industry for over 34 years. 

His accomplishments include:

Many Bodybuilding titles, such as Mr. Idaho, Mr. Northwestern USA, Western America

and many more.

NGA Certified

PICP Level 3 National Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Biological Signature Level 2

Fascial Abrasion Technique Tool Certified

PIMST Certified

Trigenics Certified

Precision Nutrition Certified


Carmen Carlo C.P.T.


I became interested in physical fitness and training for personal reasons, my health was not great and I am Insulin resistant. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia when I was 29, all over body pain head to toe, when I was 39 they discovered I was becoming Insulin resistant, time to change my life! I studied at home online for Fitness and Nutrition at Stratford University, changed the way I ate and started working out. The first few months were tough, but perseverance and my husband got me through, today I feel great and eat clean.

My advice, don’t wait until your health is bad, be proactive it will change your life!


Wendy Salmin C.P.T.


NASM CPT since 2010

NASM CES (corrective exercise specialist) since 2012

NASM FNA (fitness nutrition specialist) since 2012

Precision Nutrition Certified

Competed all Natural Body Building Competitions

Northwest Natural 2004

Grand Teton National 2009

Northwest Natural 2009

Body Building/Figure/Bikini Competition judge 3 years

I have been involved in the health/fitness field for 13 years and over the course of these years my passion has developed into helping individuals find health and wellness in their lives, not only on a physical level but also a personal and psychological level.


Evan Henning

I am a 20 year old retired college basketball player. I started my  fitness journey my freshman year of college when I wanted to pursue  muscle gaining. Since then I have found fitness and nutrition to be a  gateway to helping people and changing mine and their lives. Being  raised in a family full of fitness and bodybuilding made my interest  excell in this profession. I recently have picked up bodybuilding and  want to becone the best I can be in this sport/profession. 


Sasha T.C.W. (too cute for words)

Sasha's duties include:

Barking to greet you

Making clientele smile

Giving and getting love

Getting belly rubbed