Kenly VanOstrand

I could talk about John for a very long time, and thank him for everything he has and still is doing for me today, so I will. I’ve been playing soccer now for 13 years, and injuries are inevitable especially at the competitive and high school level. I was constantly in and out of physical therapy every other month for different issues but nothing seemed to fix any injury in the long term. I started training with John when I was 14 and he immediately solved the main problem that was causing all of my injuries and it was as simple as fixing my ankles. Three years later, now 17, I can honestly say that I haven’t had an injury since, and it’s all because of John and I could never truly show how much gratitude I have for him! I still remember the first day I went in, and how nervous I was, which I laugh about now. John, though short, is RIPPED and not to mention his tattoos, which all have stories behind them. But behind the toughness on the outside, he has the biggest heart, especially for his doxens. John is like a father to me and is more than just a trainer. He is constantly pushing me to be my best and during training and I have always felt safe and I’ve never had the thought that I might get hurt. I always look forward to training and have seen so much improvement since the first time I went in.

I love you John!


Gavin Parsons

I was recommended to John in early 2017. I’m a fairly competitive golfer; former D1 player, and have competed in national, regional and local events. I was having a left shoulder issue earlier than that, but figured it was something that would go away. It didn’t. It got so bad I could barely take a backswing. I was extremely nervous that surgery was in my future, and it would have been had I not met with John. It was with great relief that he said, ‘don’t worry, I can fix that’. And over a few months, he did. Swinging pain free was something I hadn’t experienced in a couple years. I continued on with him for strength training. Saying it has helped my game would be an understatement. Outside of gaining distance, 10-15 yards with the driver and at least a full club with irons, my swing has become much more solid. I didn’t have to compromise my timing to get an extra few yards on certain shots. My handicap is proof of that as well as my tournament results. I would without hesitation recommend John for either fixing an ailment or for his custom training. Unless I compete against you, then don’t. He’s terrible and will ruin your swing. 

Gavin Parsons

Former D1 Golfer


Jim And Debby Nyhoff

I was introduced to John through a friend who thought he might help my wife who had twisted her ankle so severely that the doctor recommended “Immediate surgery”! After we met with John and discussion the issue, he felt confidence he could help Debby with the proper exercises to restrengthen the ankle... I came along and observed for two weeks, then I also joined the exercise program! We are happy to say, we noticed physical overall improvement in the first week, not only on the ankle but also overall strength and stamina... Visits were once a week for one hour. I was always amazed how we would never break a sweat, yet walk out exhausted and feeling so good! Today my wife enjoys complete healing and function of her ankle, without surgery!My wife and I our confident you will have the same wonderful experience!  

   Jim and Debby 


Tracy Stone

Where  can I start when talking about John Carlo….. How about how he has  brought me back to athletics and running when I couldn’t sit or stand  without back pain?  How about how he has put my shoulder back in order  after a severe fall and surgery?  How about how he just makes my life  easier to enjoy because I can move freely and with strength?  John calls  himself “The Strength Coach”.  True to that name, John TEACHES ME HOW  to stay strong, how to build muscle back after injury, how to work and  live physically smart.  One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that  it isn’t the weight or the distance or the speed of your training, it is  the engagement of the right muscles and the DISCIPLINE it takes to  recover, develop and maintain that strength.  John has brought me back.   The doctors were there to repair, John was there to put me back on the  running trail and back to working, living and loving life pain-free.   

Thanks John.    


Charlene VanOstrand

I highly recommend John, I have not worked with  anyone that provides his level of knowledge and skills. My daughter is a  competitive 16 year old soccer player, which translates to year round  play with high school and club teams. When she  was 13 we battled ongoing IT band and knee issues.  She was often in  pain so we kept returning to physical therapy, but PT only provided  short term relief and soon we were back again for more treatments.  Once  she started working with John, he evaluated her  and recognized the issues were caused by her ankles and the knee and IT  pain was merely the symptoms.  Kenly has been training with John for 3+  years and has not been back to PT since.  She loves training in the  private facility and the specialized equipment  allows her to isolate muscles differently. John perfectly balances  pushing her training while keeping her safe at all times.  I would  recommend anyone, athlete or otherwise, to train with John.  I cannot  say enough good things about John Carlo, I am so thankful  we found him.  (And the guard dogs are pretty cute too!  J)  

Charlene VanOstrand


Sondra Thornton

I started training with Coach John shortly after having my 3rd child. I had never had a regular routine in my life and although I was not fat I was very soft. My daughter was 3 months old when I started and I would bring her in her car seat with me 3 times a week. When she  turned 1 yr old I actually had a 6 pack from training with John! I will  never forget because we went to Maui and I have photo proof that my hard  work with John and his expertise was paying off. I started playing  tennis a few years in and John was instrumental in helping my game improve by catering my workouts to those that pro tennis players do. I continued to train with John for 9 years until I moved out of state. I watched John change as a trainer, growing in knowledge through rigorous education. I watched his business flourish from his finished garage to his beautiful facility he is in now. John has such a thirst for  knowledge and is meticulous in everything he does. If you are not doing  something perfectly he breaks it down to the very core so you can understand not only the correct and safe way to do an exercise but also so you understand why it must be done correctly. I have never found another trainer as knowledgeable and safe as John and I highly recommend him. My only regret is that he would not move to Texas to continue my training! He is simply the best and also a good guy I felt lucky to  know! 

Hugs to you and your sweet family! ox


Alicia Gaiennie

I had no clue 3 years ago that I would be able to tell you today that I can do 10 pull-ups in a row!) Run a Spartan Sprint or even climb a rope!) I can do all of this today and so much more. John believed in me so I could believe in myself! I have learned that once you put your mind and spirit into action you can achieve goals. I love the gym because John has and will continue to help me set my goals. I will always Thank John for being a great coach-knowing his skill level for each and everyone of his clients is crucial for his own success which reflects in his incredible facility and training. Change is an incredible factor in life so I believe if you want to change the way you look at your physical health then John and Performance Inc is the way to go.



Rhonda Millick

I’ve trained with John Carlo for 10 years, and plan to continue working with him indefinitely. When I first started with him, I told him I wanted to become toned & fit, but not overly muscular-looking. He has made this happen . . . he’s actually changed the shape of my body. I’ve converted 10-15 lbs. of fat into muscle and am more toned and firm all over. I feel much stronger, healthier, and leaner, and it feels great! John’s knowledge & experience in his field is vast, and his clients are the benefactors of it. Plus, he makes workouts fun with conversation and his tremendous wit. He’s become a good friend through it all. 

Rhonda Millick



John Millick

John Carlo has created a special atmosphere that embodies all that is training, performance, and nutrition. John is devoted to providing safe and effective training for anyone regardless of age, experience level, or past injury history. I came to John with the goals of increased strength and perfecting my Olympic lifts. John         provided coaching with a strong emphasis on form and safety and was able to fine-tune my technique across the board. Whether you're an experienced athlete or just getting started, whatever you goal, the coaching and facility at Performance Inc. will get you there.

John Millick C.P.A

Seattle Washington


Chad Black

John Carlo is unquestionably the best strength coach and personal trainer in the Treasure Valley.  His knowledge and skill in the field are surpassed only by his genuine interest in the progress and well-being of his clients.  

I met John in December 2011 a few weeks before Christmas—just after wrapping up an intense and stressful project at work.  Though I had lifted weights off and on for a decade before and had some bodybuilding aspirations, I had allowed myself to get really out of shape.  I told John I wanted to make a change and said it probably made sense to start after the holidays.  He said, “No.  Let’s start now.”  Finally!  The kick in the butt that I needed to stop saying “I will work out tomorrow.  I will eat better tomorrow.”

The  progress I made in the next 8 months was phenomenal!  My fat loss,  strength gains, and muscle mass gains were really remarkable!  John delivered exciting workouts that he  constantly tailored to my capabilities.  He taught me proper technique,  monitored my body composition, recommended educational and motivational resources,  and even offered approaches to help me learn to process stress differently (which  I’m still working on).  John’s commitment to me inspired me to power through some really challenging workouts and my  overall progress was very rewarding for both of us.  We had a blast!  

After those first 8 months, life threw some curve balls at me that made it difficult to maintain my original high—supporting a dear friend through his cancer and his passing, recovering from two separate shoulder surgeries (accidents completely unrelated to lifting), and integrating a large business acquisition (a 4-year torment).  But John wouldn’t let me give up, even at times when I didn’t think I could keep going.  His own experience with injury and setbacks has enabled him to coach me through my challenges with expertise and empathy.

I have no doubt that the health and physique I enjoy today is thanks to John’s guidance and support.  My life is better on the whole because I know him.  And I still have every hope of reaching some new bodybuilding and fitness goals with him in my corner. 

Whether you’re at a point in life where you just don’t think you can overcome the inertia or you have a full head of steam and are looking to “level up,” John will provide the tools, knowledge, and motivation for you to succeed in your personal fitness goals or in your chosen sport.  Take advantage.

I promise that you will get out what you put in.  He’s worth every penny.  I can recommend him to anyone without hesitation.  Do yourself a favor and get started with John today.  Really... today.

Chad Black


Greg Ochojski

I started with Coach Carlo about a year ago.  A former high school and college athlete who led a busy career and family life, I worked out sporadically through my late twenties and thirties.  I would never even look at working out legs again as I had ACL replacements on both knees and along with a bum shoulder from pitching, I just dealt with it. Fast forward and now after just one year with Coach Carlo I have been reborn.  Stronger than I have ever been in my life, squatting, dead lifting and loving every minute.   Coach Carlo has shown me the path to get stronger and how to train correctly.  His knowledge is unparalleled and his work ethic unmatched.  He has driven me to get more out of myself than I ever could imagine.   I look forward to what the future holds. Forties are the new twenties.  Team Carlo strong. 

 Greg, 43, Financial Executive



John Kenedy

John reminds me of a monk. Not because of his beautifully shaved head or at times eclectic wear, but because of his singular focus. His life is dedicated to learning, practicing, and teaching functional strength training. John is one of those rare people you'll meet in life who is truly passionate. It isn't a facade, it is passion to the core of the man. For the past five years I have met John at his gym at 4:10 am and he always beat me there. I have learned so much from John and it is a great pleasure to call him my friend. There are very few people in this world; whether they be artists, musicians, athletes, etc., who are masters at their calling. I encourage you to seek out John and learn from a master.



Robert and Christina Freer

John Carlo is by far the best trainer in the Treasure Valley! He is very knowledgeable and has a passion for what he does. John isn't your average personal trainer. He rehabilitated my injuries (some I didn't event even realize I had) prescribed a proper nutrition adequate for my body type and tested my limits to make me a stronger person from the inside out. My husband and I recommended John to everyone, most recently a friend that was headed for knee surgery. John was able to rehabilitate his knee in order to avoid that surgery. If you are serious about getting healthy, please call Performance inc., you will be glad you did!

Christina Freer


Carmen Coy

Both my husband and I have trained with a couple of different trainers, one of which was John Carlo and John Carlo has been by far the most knowledgeable trainer we have ever worked with. My husband was doing JuJitsu at the time and John Carlo was able to prepare him for competitions. John is very dedicated to each of his clients and takes a personal interest in each of them. Not only did we get great results but we felt like we also gained a friend. Unfortunately, we had to move. Thank you, John, for everything you did for us. 

We miss you!

Carmen & Jonathan


Bailey Conger

Best summer of my hockey career with Coach John Carlo at Performance inc. He customized and tailored every workout to my needs. Not only did he help me with my strength gains, he also made me smarter during the process.

Bailey Conger 

Forward Colorado College


Trevor Gillies #14

I worked with Coach Carlo in the off season of 2009. I contribute that off seasons strength training to one of the factors that got me on the New York Islanders! 

Thanks Coach

Trevor Gillies Left Wing New York Islanders


Jeremy Yablonski #33

John was a beast... but at the same time very calculated and smart with his training and the way he trained athletes. I had already played in the NHL before getting introduced to John... 1 full off season of training with John I was stronger, leaner, my shoulders were finally truly strong (I had 4 shoulder surgeries previous)... oh and I broke some of the physical fitness records at NHL camp that next year! Thinking I was working with good trainers the years before, I come to realize that they were only “ok”. 

John actually extended my hockey career and allowed my to reach my physical full potential. Not only did he help me but I ended up bringing 3 other NHL players to train with John, and 6 players from Russia... John had each player stronger, more balanced, and healthy after the off season of training..... that said don’t ask John for advice on “playing” the game, I don’t think he actually knows the rules of hockey.

Jeremy Yablonski 

Right Wing St. Louis Blues


Michelle Marshall

Outstanding master of his craft; incredibly bright with a treasure trove of health and fitness knowledge. The great results I have achieved in 3 months, are largely due to John’s perfect combination of diverse training methods as well as following his advice outside of the gym. I am a newbie to lifting weights and was intimidated when we first started. John was so patient with me and thoroughly explained each exercise, emphasizing the importance of proper technique. John makes you feel comfortable and does not like making you sore the next day. He is thoughtful, sensible, quirky and so much fun to work with as well as his rad little sidekick, Sasha.
John Carlo is the real deal and the standard by which any trainer should be measured.



Joshua J. Harmon CLU, ChFC, RICP ®

I’ve been training with John Carlo since 2014. It  has been a life changing experience. He is an absolute professional and  master of his craft. He has a deep passion to see his clients get  results (usually more than they do), follows through  with what he says, practices what he preaches, and has a thirst for  continuous learning and improvement. 

What impresses me most about John  is his insane level of consistency and reliability. As an example, he and I train at 6:00 AM Monday-Friday, and he has  never missed, cancelled, or been late to a session… IN ALMOST FIVE  YEARS!!! Nobody does that!

Josh Harmon

Wealth Management Advisor


Colten St.Clair

I worked with John in the off-season of 2014. During those 10 weeks he got me a lot stronger and I went into camp that year in the best shape I'd ever been in.

Colten St.Clair

Forward University of North Dakota  


Lyubov Vladimirovna

I wish your gym was located in Portland. You are the best!

Lyubov Vladimirovna



Ciera Shaver

Not only is John Carlo dedicated and talented, but he is also incredibly passionate about all things health and fitness. I trained with him while I was in graduate school, and he was able to work around my schedule and give me curated workouts to increase my strength and overall fitness. The Performance Inc. gym is a safe place to learn, fail, and improve, regardless of your background or skill level. I'd recommend John and the Performance Inc team to anyone who is hoping to learn, improve, and thrive in a fit lifestyle.



Leisa Payne Faler

I have not met or worked with a more knowledgeable trainer! He had me work on form and technique for a several sessions before I used weights  to not injure myself. His attention to detail and knowledge base are  second to none. He loves what he does, and proudly honors his Poliquin certifications and training. If you are truly ready for results, you would be foolish going anywhere else. 

Leisa Faler 


Ben Millick

Coach Carlo was a great trainer to go to for my athletic needs. Each  workout was focused on overall fitness and performance but Carlo also  specialized the workouts to focus on my specific sports. I saw some  major changes in my body, strength, and cardio health, and my athletics  benefited greatly from that. His one-on-one training was very focused  toward my specific needs and he always gave his full attention to my  workout. I would highly recommend Coach Carlo for any fitness,  performance, or health needs. 

Ben Millick


Samantha McQuillan

Top of the line facility and trainers.



Eric Brant

Performance inc. is the best gym in Idaho! John's knowledge is unsurpassed in this area. 

Eric Brant 

Owner Precision Trim 


Scott Richey

John Carlo's training is the best. He is focused on achieving the results that you as a client are looking for. I have been to many trainers over the years - John is the only professional trainer I ever worked with. The rest simply didn't have the knowledge or training to accomplish my results. He is careful to adjust his training to fit your strengths and weaknesses. He has the best equipment, period. Constantly changing out and adding new. Nobody works harder than John Carlo.


Nick Hughes

I had the great opportunity to apprentice under Coach Carlo for over a year. In that time he changed my whole outlook and training, taught me... Okay this would be a novel if I started listing all he taught me. So I will sum up and say, more thenI learned in 4 years of college. My goal at the time was to become a trainer, but life took me in a different career direction.

Funny thing is, a lot of the lessons John taught me apply to life. And not just life in the gym. If you want to get in shape, get stronger, have a nagging injury, or need guidance in your life, John is the one to turn to.

Thank you Coach!



Chris Jansen

True professionalism,  amazing motivators, and awesome training, these guys really know  how to help you reach your goals in the best way possible. Extremely impressed with Johns company. 

Great place!

Chris Jansen

Owner Ink Slaves Tattoo

Boise Idaho


Marcus Dougherty

I’ve never been to a better equipped gym when it comes down to the facility, equipment, monthly pre-built workouts, and knowledgeable trainer. Joining this gym has made a great change in my life, feeling  better, stronger, walking taller and seeing the evidence of my hard work and along the way I’ve met a great friend with good advice in John Carlo.  

Marcus Dougherty 


Kim Miller

If you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, get in shape or win an upcoming athletic event, Coach Carlo is the man to help you reach whatever level of fitness you are seeking. I hired John as my personal trainer many years ago and the knowledge I gained       working with him is the most valuable training to my health and wellness that I have ever received. John Carlo has the most knowledge and experience of anyone I know. John is the best of       the best and I highly recommend him to any age or fitness level.

 Kim Miller


Mary Graf

I have trained with John and he helped me meet my fitness and strength goals. He knows his craft and is wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend him.



Bill Mooney

I've had the pleasure to work with Owner, John Carlo at Performance inc. over the last 5 years. Initially I went there to strength train and get a little cardio 2-3 times a week. John did a through evaluation prior to getting started, and then created a work-out plan based on my goals and his recommendations. Having had (3) previous back surgeries (20+ years ago) and more recent knee surgery for meniscus and cartilage work, John was cautious, but targeted exercises and weight lifting programs that where safe, and worked more towards strengthening support muscles to help me get stronger overall.

John's knowledge of weightlifting, strength training, program writing and execution is second to none. I would highly recommend John for weight training and also injury rehabilitation...really impressive. I became a good of Johns, and look forward to getting back to him when life settles down.

Bill Mooney

Boise Idaho


Stephanie Anderson

My husband and I were recommended to John Carlo by our brother who was considering rotator cuff surgery but was able to fix his issues with John’s workouts. We saw him for 3 years and we were, hands down, in the best shape of our life. We came away with incredible knowledge of fitness and diet, great friendships with both John and his other clients and we hope to go back when are young kids reach school age. Never have we met anyone with more passion for the field - he has a great establishment and we highly recommend Performance Inc. 

Steph Anderson

Boise Idaho

Video Testimonials

Anna Black