Bailey Conger

Best summer of my hockey career with Coach John Carlo at Performance inc. He customized and tailored every workout to my needs. Not only did he help me with my strength gains, he also made me smarter during the process.

Bailey Conger 

Forward Colorado College

Trevor Gillies #14

I worked with Coach Carlo in the off season of 2009. I contribute that off seasons strength training to one of the factors that got me on the New York Islanders! 

Thanks Coach

Trevor Gillies Left Wing New York Islanders

Jeremy Yablonski #33

Coach John Carlo is the best Strength Coach I've ever worked with. He is the reason I was able to play the last ten years of my Hockey career! I am not exaggerating here. By the time I met John I had already had five shoulder surgeries.

Long story short. I had been training all wrong for years. I fully believe if I had met John at the beginning of my career I would have only needed two shoulder surgeries (Yea, hitting your shoulder against the boards at full speed is not something you can train to prevent a tear).

On a personal note, John and I have become the best of friends and I consider him my brother.

Jeremy Yablonski 

Right Wing St. Louis Blues

Joshua J. Harmon CLU, ChFC, RICP ®

I’ve been training with John Carlo since 2014. It  has been a life changing experience. He is an absolute professional and  master of his craft. He has a deep passion to see his clients get  results (usually more than they do), follows through  with what he says, practices what he preaches, and has a thirst for  continuous learning and improvement. 

What impresses me most about John  is his insane level of consistency and reliability. As an example, he and I train at 6:00 AM Monday-Friday, and he has  never missed, cancelled, or been late to a session… IN ALMOST FIVE  YEARS!!! Nobody does that!

Josh Harmon

Wealth Management Advisor

Colten St.Clair

I worked with John in the off-season of 2014. During those 10 weeks he got me a lot stronger and I went into camp that year in the best shape I'd ever been in.

Colten St.Clair

Forward University of North Dakota  

Lyubov Vladimirovna

I wish your gym was located in Portland. You are the best!

Lyubov Vladimirovna


Rhonda Millick C.F.O.

 I’ve trained with John Carlo for 10 years, and plan to continue working with him indefinitely. When I first started with him, I told him I wanted to become toned & fit, but not overly muscular-looking. He has made this happen . . . he’s actually changed the shape of my body. I’ve converted 10-15 lbs. of fat into muscle and am more toned and firm all over. I feel much stronger, healthier, and leaner, and it feels great! John’s knowledge & experience in his field is vast, and his clients are the benefactors of it. Plus, he makes workouts fun with conversation and his tremendous wit. He’s become a good friend through it all. 

Rhonda Millick

Eric Brant/Owner Precision Trim

Performance inc. is the best gym in Idaho! John's knowledge is unsurpassed in this area. 

Eric Brant 

Nick Hughes

John is by far the best teacher I have had the pleasure to work with. He taught me as he trained me. So know that I am traveling with my job I can continue to make progress and stay safe.

Hick Hughes

Video Testimonials

Anna Black