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We have been trying to figure out a way to help more people. Not just with Strength Training and Movement, but with Nutrition as well. In order to help the most people we came up with a list of roadblocks that most have. Here are our top 5:

1. Cost

2. Time 

3. Fear 

4. Ease 

5. Don't know where to start

Let's go over these. Cost: It has  to be affordable and fit it your budget. Time: We all have life to deal with. Adding one more thing into our already busy lives can be daunting. This leads directly into number 3 and 4, Fear and Ease: Fear, "Am I ready for this and do I even have the time?" Ease, "It is going to be too hard. And I've already tried weight loss and failed before." Don't know where to start: Do I cut my carbs? Do I count calories? Do I go Vegan? Do I go Paleo? How about this intermittent fasting I've been hearing about? Yea! It is very daunting isn't it?

Then we came up with a list of our top 5 road block:

1. Time

2. What to offer 

3. Where to starts

4. Quality

5. Pricing

Let's go over our list. Time: There are only so many hours in a day. That led us to number 2, What do we offer: Small groups? Large groups? Boot camp style workouts? And none of these addressed the nutrition aspect. Where to start: This is a funny story that you will have to read below about my ah ha! moment. Quality: How do we keep the same quality of service on a large scale? This is all so in my ah ha! moment. Pricing: How much is fair? What are people willing to pay? What is the cost of getting our plan going? Considering the cost how much do we charge to make a profit? Yep our list is pretty daunting too.

We do offer the small and large group training. But it doesn't check all our boxes. And the nutrition aspect is still not addressed. We knew online Coaching would have the biggest impact. So I contacted a friend about designing a software to meet our needs. This is the duh/ah ha! moment I told you about earlier.

The meeting with my software designer friend was rather comical. We sat down to go over what Performance inc. would need in a software. As I was describing what we would need, I pulled up Precision Nutrition's Pro Coach to show him what I was talking about. Here is the conversation to the best of my recollection.

Me "Here, this is what we need." 

W.J. "Wow! This is a large undertaking! You are looking at thousands of dollars if not hundreds of thousands of dollars!" 

Me "Well s*#t." 

W.T. "Wait! How are you showing me this?" 

Me "It's PN's Pro Coach Software. I am  PN Certified Coach." 

W.T. "They let you use it?"

Me "Yes, For a monthly fee."

W.T. "What do they charge?"

Me "For both nutrition and workouts $168.00 a month."

W.T. "Where you dropped on your head as a child?"

Me (Apparently, since I sat there with a lost expression.)

W.T. "Dude!!! They are practically giving this to you!! They have done all the work! They've built the algorithms! But the coolest part they had ALL the data to make their algorithms accurate deadly accurate!!"

W.T. "How long have you had access to this software? No. Don't answer that I don't want to know."

He proceeded to tease me for another 3o minutes or so (Who am I kidding, he is never going to let me live this down.) then we came up with a plan.


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