Charles Poliquin

"Hey! Stop worrying. You are a bucket filler not an emptier. So it will take more than that from you to piss me off."



Madeleine Cox

I love this gym! John is such a good coach and the facility is UNPARALLELED. It is any gym-lovers playground! Not only that, but the coaches work with all levels of fitness goals and types of people, so you know you can get coaching tailored to your specific needs and wants. And of course, Sasha is the cutest dog.

Madeleine Cox Certified Personal Trainer


Kevin Bravo

In all honesty, this isn’t your typical gym it’s way more than that! This gym is the dream training facility for any athlete and fitness enthusiast! The second I walked in I didn’t want to leave lol so many unique and different equipment you won’t see in any other gym around. John and his team are very helpful & are great people, great personal trainers and great coaches! 

Kevin Bravo

Owner Beyond BarbellGym


Brady Powers

I've known John for over 11 years and can say, with certainty, that he is one of the best in the business. We share an educational lineage that leads back to icons and leaders in our industry, both past and present. Not only is he an excellent personal trainer /coach/therapist, he is also an innovator. I know this because, on numerous occasions, I've had to pull out my welder and make his ideas come to life.
Because of this, you'll find one-of-a-kind training implements that will help you gain a competitive advantage. You need the right tool for the job and John has more than anybody I know.

Brady Powers

Strength and Conditioning Coach


Eri Crum

I have known John personally and professionally for several years. He has an amazing gym in Boise, and more importantly, is very knowledgeable when it comes to safe and effective training. I highly recommend him.        

Eri Crum, DC


Cato Rutherford

I highly recommend John and his team. Their knowledge and application of sports performance training is world class!

Cato Rutherford

Owner/Director Lift Performance Center

Sydney, Australia


Jared Leeper

Anything and everything strength, body composition, performance and health is at. Performance Inc. Coach Carlo is world class at what he does. Spend the money and invest in yourself, you won't regret it.

Jared Leeper

Owner CrossFit BYB

Portland Oregon


Dave Morris

I myself have been a trainer since 1999, and I have meet hundreds of other trainers and fitness "professionals". John stands at the top of them all. John is one of the very few that has immersed himself with the right balance of knowledge (logical and practical) to not just change someone's training ability and physical structure but to change the entire fitness industry for the better. I came to him for help fine tuning a process that dives deep into the nuances of theoretical adaptation (body building show prep and conditioning) and he not only rose to the occasion with his professionalism and support but he went well beyond that when it came to muscular rebalancing and establishing neuromuscular connection to some of my more stubborn muscles. He takes his craft serious and personal, the way a true "personal" trainer should. Even throughout the entire process his passion was great enough to keep me pushing even on the days I really thought I wasn't going to last. I can honestly say thanks to John I was finally able to win my class and accomplish a goal that's been gnawing at me for years. 

And his gym is totally bad ass as well. A seriously grade "A" facility that shows just how much he's invested himself into creating the right environment in getting people to their best.

Dave Morris Certified Personal Trainer


Wendy Salmin

I met John Carlo and started strength training at Performance Inc. in  2013.  I am also a personal trainer; his facility was like no other gym  I had trained at before so from day one I was hooked.  The knowledge  John possesses in the strength training arena is second to none.  His  knowledge and mentorship has helped me with my personal strength  training goals as well as my professional goals.  John cares deeply  about the success of all his clients, he has a variety of equipment to  meet the needs of each person and if he doesn’t have it, he will get  it.  His program design is specific to each person and focuses on their  goals, specific needs, and/or injuries.  His encouragement and  enthusiasm during a coaching session makes you want to lift heavy and  work hard!  Performance Inc., John Carlo, encourages healthy living,  safety when lifting, strength training education and is by far the most  professional facility in the valley.   

Wendy Salmin   



Luis Hernandez

Highly Recommend !! A great place excellent coach! In Boise!

Luis Hernandez

Strength Coach


Jance Footit

Amazing facility run by a man who will seek out to the ends of the world what will work best for the client.

Jance Footit

Owner 5 Rings Barbell


Celena White

John is a very knowledgeable man, and really cares about you reaching  your goals! His gym has a great environment to it. And you will love working with someone who wants to keep you 

accountable and strong. 

Celena White Certified Personal Trainer


Edward Fajardo

This place is amazing. It has all kinds of toys for training nerds like myself and you couldn't ask for a more educated coach than John Carlo. If you take your fitness, health and results seriously then you need to check out Performance Inc

Edward Fajardo Certified Personal Trainer

Owner El Jefe Fitness


Evan Henning

This is by far the best gym in Boise Idaho. Not only does this gym have the smartest trainers and best owner. But the equipment is unbelievably amazing. Go check it out and give us a try!





Performance Inc is way beyond a clean, well organized, friendly gym! John Carlo is the most knowledgeable person I know regarding weight training and body mechanics. Anyone would be lucky to have the opportunity to workout with him.



Tyler Brooks

One of these best strength and conditioning gyms I have ever been in.
John is an excellent personal trainer and coach.
He has helped give me the tools to fix my chronic back pain.
Very grateful to have the opportunity to work in such an awesome place with a trainer I can learn so much from.

Tyler Brooks C.P.T.