Photo courtesy of Anthony Walker

Cody Walker


I’ve trained my whole life with different trainers and coaches and I learned to squat with improper form. So between the different trainers nobody has corrected me until I started strength training at Performance inc.  They fixed my form which was hard because I was so used to squatting wrong and it was stuck in my head. It took ten weeks but eventually I was squatting great. I also gained a lot more strength here. At the same time last year I could not do more than one or two pull-ups but after working on it at Performance inc. I was able to do 8 pull-ups by the end. I really can’t believe how effective their workouts are even though it doesn’t feel like I’m working out because I’m having so much fun. 

Cody Walker 

Forward Notre Dame Hounds


Ben Oakland


Performance inc. put time into making me better. I love the confidence everyone gives me when I’m there, I’ve been to too many gyms and they have all said that I’ll make progress. But Performance inc. actually gave me progress and I felt myself get stronger. John and Carmen both put effort and care into helping me achieve my strength training goals. They also took the time to add in injury prevention to my training. I have never had this much fun working out and I would recommend this facility to anyone who is serious about their sport and their training.

Ben Oakland 

Forward North Star Knights


CJ Walker


During my time playing hockey I’ve developed asthma, making it hard for me to breath while on the ice. As it turns out, most my asthma attacks that occurred on the ice where brought on by the anxiety and stress I put on myself to be my best. John was the only coach to ask all the right questions. He got to the root of my anxiety and was able to get me out of my own head! He is the first and only coach that I feel actually cares about me on and off the ice. John is more than strength training, injury prevention, and injury recovery !Thank you Coach for caring and believing in me. And teaching me to believe in myself. 

CJ Walker

Forward Texas Lone Stars


Kenly VanOstrand

I could talk about John for a very long time, and thank him for everything he has and still is doing for me today, so I will. I’ve been playing soccer now for 13 years, and injuries are inevitable especially at the competitive and high school level. I was constantly in and out of physical therapy every other month for different issues but nothing seemed to fix any injury in the long term. I started training with John when I was 14 and he immediately solved the main problem that was causing all of my injuries and it was as simple as fixing my ankles. Three years later, now 17, I can honestly say that I haven’t had an injury since, and it’s all because of John and I could never truly show how much gratitude I have for him! I still remember the first day I went in, and how nervous I was, which I laugh about now. John, though short, is RIPPED and not to mention his tattoos, which all have stories behind them. But behind the toughness on the outside, he has the biggest heart, especially for his doxies. John is like a father to me and is more than just a trainer. He is constantly pushing me to be my best and during training and I have always felt safe and I’ve never had the thought that I might get hurt. I always look forward to strength training and have seen so much improvement since the first time I went in.  

 I love you John! 



Gavin Parsons

I was recommended to John in early 2017. I’m a fairly competitive golfer; former D1 player, and have competed in national, regional and local events. I was having a left shoulder issue earlier than that, but figured it was something that would go away. It didn’t. It got so bad I could barely take a backswing. I was extremely nervous that surgery was in my future, and it would have been had I not met with John. It was with great relief that he said, ‘don’t worry, I can fix that’. And over a few months, he did. Swinging pain free was something I hadn’t experienced in a couple years. I continued on with him for strength training. Saying it has helped my game would be an understatement. Outside of gaining distance, 10-15 yards with the driver and at least a full club with irons, my swing has become much more solid. I didn’t have to compromise my timing to get an extra few yards on certain shots. My handicap is proof of that as well as my tournament results. I would without hesitation recommend John for either fixing an ailment or for his custom training. Unless I compete against you, then don’t. He’s terrible and will ruin your swing. 

Gavin Parsons

Former D1 Golfer


Tyler Ochojski

My name is Tyler Ochojski and I’m a 15 year old multi sport athlete. I was told from a young age that weight lifting may stunt my growth, when I entered my freshmen year of high school is when I first started lifting so about 6-7 months ago. Playing for the football team we had a strength coach who had given me a crash course on everything I needed to know. I thought I was doing everything correct and working towards getting stronger until I came out west and worked with John. John had evaluated me when I first arrived and being I only had a week to work with him we were crunched for time. While he was evaluating me he pinpointed things that I was doing wrong and he pointed out muscles that were tight or strained. Things that many would never see. Being that I had been doing everything wrong fixing everything was a frustrating process. I worked with John for a little less then a week and in that week he made me stronger, faster, and smarter. John is different then any trainer or strength coach I have ever been too and the best yet, in my eyes I see him as the best in the west. Thank you John for working with me and giving me hospitality while I was visiting, whenever I am in Boise you better believe I’m in the gym with John!!

-Tyler Ochojski 


Anthony Walker

Performance inc. cares more about their clients than any other gym. The amount of time they put into injury prevention and strength training to improve their clients is unbelievable. Would recommend this gym to anyone!

-Anthony Walker



Bailey Conger

Best summer of my hockey career with Coach John Carlo at Performance inc. He customized and tailored every workout to my strength training and injury recovery needs. Not only did he help me with my strength gains, he also made me smarter during the process.

Bailey Conger 

Forward Colorado College


Trevor Gillies #14

I worked with Coach Carlo in the off season of 2009. I contribute that off seasons strength training to one of the factors that got me on the New York Islanders! 

Thanks Coach

Trevor Gillies 

Left Wing New York Islanders


Jeremy Yablonski #33

John was a beast... but at the same time very calculated and smart with his strength training and the way he trained athletes. I had already played in the NHL before getting introduced to John... 1 full off season of training with John I was stronger, leaner, my shoulders were finally truly strong (I had 4 shoulder surgeries previous. So injury recovery and injury prevention where a top priority!)... oh and I broke some of the physical fitness records at NHL camp that next year! Thinking I was working with good trainers the years before, I come to realize that they were only “ok”. 

John actually extended my hockey career and allowed my to reach my physical full potential. Not only did he help me but I ended up bringing 3 other NHL players to train with John, and 6 players from Russia... John had each player stronger, more balanced, and healthy after the off season of training..... that said don’t ask John for advice on “playing” the game, I don’t think he actually knows the rules of hockey.

Jeremy Yablonski 

Right Wing St. Louis Blues


Colten St.Clair

I worked with John in the off-season of 2014. During those 10 weeks his coaching, injury prevention, and strength training got me a lot stronger. When I went into camp that year in the best shape I'd ever been in.

Colten St.Clair

Forward University of North Dakota  


Ciera Shaver

Not only is John Carlo dedicated and talented, but he is also incredibly passionate about all things health and fitness. I trained with him while I was in graduate school, and he was able to work around my schedule and give me curated workouts to increase my strength and overall fitness. The Performance Inc. gym is a safe place to learn, fail, and improve, regardless of your background or skill level. I'd recommend John and the Performance Inc. team to anyone who is hoping to learn, improve, and thrive in a fit lifestyle.



Ben Millick

Coach Carlo was a great trainer to go to for my athletic and strength training needs. Each  workout was focused on overall fitness and performance but Carlo also  specialized the workouts to focus on my specific sports. I saw some  major changes in my body, strength, and cardio health, and my athletics  benefited greatly from that. His one-on-one training was very focused  toward my specific needs and he always gave his full attention to my  workout. I would highly recommend Coach Carlo for any fitness,  performance, or health needs. 

Ben Millick  


John Millick

John Carlo has created a special atmosphere that embodies all that is strength training, performance, and nutrition. John is devoted to providing safe and effective training for anyone regardless of age, experience level, or past injury history. I came to John with the goals of increased strength and perfecting my Olympic lifts. John         provided coaching with a strong emphasis on form and safety and was able to fine-tune my technique across the board. Whether you're an experienced athlete or just getting started, whatever you goal, the coaching and facility at Performance Inc. will get you there.

John Millick C.P.A

Seattle Washington


Dave Morris

I myself have been a trainer since 1999, and I have meet hundreds of other trainers and fitness "professionals". John stands at the top of them all. John is one of the very few that has immersed himself with the right balance of knowledge (logical and practical) to not just change someone's training ability and physical structure but to change the entire fitness industry for the better. I came to him for help fine tuning a process that dives deep into the nuances of theoretical adaptation (body building show prep and conditioning) and he not only rose to the occasion with his professionalism and support but he went well beyond that when it came to muscular rebalancing and establishing neuromuscular connection to some of my more stubborn muscles. He takes his craft serious and personal, the way a true "personal" trainer should. Even throughout the entire process his passion was great enough to keep me pushing even on the days I really thought I wasn't going to last. I can honestly say thanks to John I was finally able to win my class and accomplish a goal that's been gnawing at me for years. 

And his gym is totally bad ass as well. A seriously grade "A" facility in Boise that shows just how much he's invested himself into creating the right environment in getting people to their best.

Dave Morris 



Kyle Lindstrom

 Even though I was only going to be playing club hockey at NAU, I went to Performance inc. with my brother Alex the summer of 2015 for strength training. Coach Carmen found some issues I didn’t even know I had. Just fixing those got me better on the ice! Let alone the extra strength and speed I added that summer.

 Kyle Lindstrom

Defense NAU Hockey Club


Alex Lindstrom

 I started with Performance inc. the off-season of 2015. Coach Carlo and his wife Coach Carmen got me in the best shape of my hockey carrier. During my 2017 season with the Grand Prairie Storm I tore my LCL. Luckily it tore vertically, so I didn’t need surgery! The injury did end my season early. 

As soon as I got home I contacted Performance inc.. Coach Carlo not only did injury recovery for my knee, but once it was cleared I set PR’s on my front squats and cleans! 

 Alex Lindstrom

Defense Grande Prairie Storm